Special Occasions at Orion’s Roof

Planning a group of 10-20? Whatever brings you together, Orion’s Roof makes the event unforgettable in a setting as exquisite as the cuisine.

To book the private dining room for parties between 10-20 people, call 757-937-4222 or submit the form below at any time!

Private Dining Room Information

Thank you for your interest in the Orion’s Roof private dining room! Before you book, please read the information below so we may best accommodate you and your group.

About the Private Dining Room

The Orion’s Roof Private Dining Room is located away from the main dining area of our restaurant. With breathtaking views of the shimmering Virginia Beach coastline, our secluded private dining room and superior service help you celebrate in grand style. Top-notch presentation capabilities make your event even more special — if your guests can take their eyes off of that view. 

Party Size

The Private Dining Room accommodates parties no smaller than 10 people, and parties no larger than 20 people. 

My party is larger than 9 people, can I book a regular reservation in the dining room?

The Private Dining Room can accommodate groups of up to 20. If there are more than 20 in your party, the overage will be moved to the Main Dining Room, providing a table is available. For more information on the Private Dining Room availability or a complete buyout of Orion’s Roof, please contact the restaurant directly.

My group is larger than 20, may I still book the Private Dining Room?

For gatherings and events larger than 20, we invite you to consider booking a private banquet event. The Cavalier Resort has some of the most captivating and highly sought-after banquet event space in the Mid-Atlantic. For more details on banquet events, contact our Sales & Marketing Team: [email protected].

Reservation Fees

To reserve the Private Dining Room for 3 hours, for up to 20 people, the Food & Beverage Minimum will be $2500 and a $200 Room Fee (tax and 20% service charge are not included in these prices). You also have the option to reserve the entire evening for a F&B Minimum of $5000. Parking will be validated for 2 hours.

Available Booking Dates

The Private Dining Room is available Monday-Thursday only. We do not book the Private Dining Room on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays.

I have a presentation, is there a projector, or A/V equipment I can use?

There is A/V in the room for an additional charge of $200 per event. A USB based connection is required.

May I have music or can I turn off the music?

Yes, the music may be turned off and outside music may be used as long as it is kept at a background level and does not disturb other dining guests.


To reserve the Private Dining Room, you may call 757-937-4222 or submit the form below at any time. So that we may help you as efficiently as possible, please be prepared with an estimated party size, and date of event, at the time of submission.

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